Spectrum Next ESP12F Developer Module


A small, custom made ESP-12F wifi module designed to provide developers “Peace of Mind” that their software will work on WiFi modules other than the ESP-01 as included in the standard Spectrum Next KS1 package. The software deployed to these modules is _identical_ to that installed on the ESP-01 modules, and – in fact – developers can use the .ESPUPDATE dotcommand, just like the ESP-01, to upgrade and test the exact same firmware revisions and releases.


Revision 1

Passes all electrical and software functional tests – except physically does not fit inside the KS1 Next Case due to a design flaw in the module PCB layout.

Nice, but no (fitting) cigar

Revision 2

Arrived from PCB fabrication 23rd of July, and underwent internal testing 24th, and applications for public testing opened 25th of July with a limited release of 30 modules.

60 rev2 modules, all ready for testing

Module Availability

Module sales are now handled via ebay, visit https://xal.io/esp12sales for more details.

Please note if you already got a module via the Developer Application Scheme you *DO NOT* need an updated module. The module you got is the exact same as the modules currently for sale. That does not stop you wanting a second, of course – but there’s no change between the module you were previously sent (marked Rev2e7/21) and those now on sale.

Polite Warning

These modules have been developed indepentantly of any ESP-12F module development that is taking place as part of the Spectrum Next second kickstarter campaign and therefore:

  • These modules are NOT indicative of the modules that will be provided as part of that campaign; and
  • These modules DO NOT signify that the ESP-12F will be the final choice of modules in the second kickstarter campign; and
  • While every endevour has been made to ensure they are electrically sound, comply with the Espressif application note and work as drop-in replacements for existing ESP-01 modules and software they are provided “as is”.