Spectrum Next ESP12F Upgrader/Tester


A small, custom made ESP-12F wifi module designed to provide developers “Peace of Mind” that their software will work on WiFi modules other than the ESP-01 as included in the standard Spectrum Next KS1 package. The software deployed to these modules is _identical_ to that installed on the ESP-01 modules, and – in fact – developers can use the .ESPUPDATE dotcommand, just like the ESP-01, to upgrade and test the exact same firmware revisions and releases.


Revision 1

Passes all electrical and software functional tests – except physically does not fit inside the KS1 Next Case due to a design flaw in the module PCB layout.

Nice, but no (fitting) cigar

Revision 2

Arrived from PCB fabrication 23rd of July, and underwent internal testing 24th, and applications for public testing opened 25th of July with a limited release of 30 modules.

60 rev2 modules, all ready for testing


Modules will NOT be allocated on a “First Come, First Served” basis from this batch due to there being only 30 which have been hand tested and made available to the general public via application, and 30 being distributed for private testing.

Module design (Gerbers, Bill of Materials, and CPD for automated pick and place) will be open sourced once we have enough feedback that that the current modules perform as expected “in the wild” – i.e. everything is confirmed working, bug-free, and physically fit for purpose. Module availability will also be opened to the general public at the same time.

After your application has been reviewed you’ll receive an email with one of three results:

  • A no obligation link for you to purchase the module (all options are under £5, plus shipping and handling fees);


  • A request for futher information;


  • An notice that your application was unsuccessful, and – if applicable, an explination why/what you need to do to qualify (e.g., over-subscribed for your option, application should come from the developer of the software in question, software not eligable, etc.)

Digital Details

Physical Details

Notes about Module options

Note 1: You already have your own set of 2×4 2.54mm spaced pin header, similar to those present on the “default” ESP-01 module, and don’t mind soldering it on.

Note 2: 90 degree headers are handy for developers who physically swap their modules a lot – but almost never actually fit inside a close case (Original Next, or 48k repo) unless you have 40mm of clearance space between the ESP socket and the top of your case.

Note 3: Module comes with seperate pre-cut headers for you to solder on yourself. You’ll need to be happy to solder 2.54mm pitch through-hole connectors (8 of them) before you can use the module in a conventional ESP-01 mount. Clear instructions for self assembly are printed on the module PCB.

Note 4: The Stale Pixels ESP-AT 2.2 firmware is compatible with ESP-01 and ESP-12F modules, and the currently available ESP-2.1 firwmare for the ESP-01. It contains all the released bugfixes from Espressif for the AT command-set, and some private bugfixes we’ve developed internally. It is currently in VERY LIMITED closed beta testing. This firmware will be released, open source, in the future – but if you want to try the enhanced SSL and concurrent connection support we can preinstall it on a module for you. Firmwares can only be installed on modules with pre-soldered pin-headers, and will come with continued patches emailed to your registered address until open public betas begin in (we anticipate) August 2021.

Polite Warning

These modules have been developed indepentantly of any ESP-12F module development that is taking place as part of the Spectrum Next second kickstarter campaign and therefore:

  • These modules are NOT indicative of the modules that will be provided as part of that campaign; and
  • These modules DO NOT signify that the ESP-12F will be the final choice of modules in the second kickstarter campign; and
  • While every endevour has been made to ensure they are electrically sound, comply with the Espressif application note and work as drop-in replacements for existing ESP-01 modules and software they are provided “as is”.

    TL;DR – You are getting “final beta” parts, and thus your cooperation with eliminating any bugs with hardware (or the optional AT 2.2 Firmware package) is most appriciated.